The Artist

Gosia Taylor, the Artist, works predominantly in the medium of painting on canvas. Her favourite being oils although her selections also include acrylics and watercolours. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of underwater life and beach surroundings and she is fortunate to have great photographers in her life to help with her inspirations and vast variety of material.

Gosia has been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing places around the world, which allows for endless material and ongoing inspiration. Gosia paints in variety of styles, from realism to abstract and continues to provide a wide range of styles for her future exhibits.

Gosia’s artwork is currently displayed at Taylor Made Art Gallery in Jurien Bay WA. All original pieces of artwork are available for purchase and prints of some pieces are available upon request.

The artist currently resides in Jurien Bay Western Australia where she is privileged to be close to one of nature’s most beautiful coastlines.

You can find all of Gosia’s previous and current work on her webpage She can also be followed at Twitter or Facebook. Keep an eye out for Taylor Made Art Exhibitions and new designs by Gosia.

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